Innovation comes from many sources.

Lets start with a face to face discussion about your ideas and objectives for your business. Allow me to collaborate with you and your people to co-create an optimal solution. Make contact so we can start that process.

Ideas at drrobertdavis.com have also been put into publication and shared with an international audience.

  • Current thinking through posts.
  • The work on digital branding over the last 20 years has culminated in a book published by Business Expert Press called Social Media Branding For Small Business:The 5–Sources Model. It can be purchased here in ebook or hardcopy.
  • Robert Davis has published extensively in internationally ranked, peer reviewed journals on various aspects of digital strategy and marketing. Here are some examples. Selected papers can be downloaded here.



Contact Robert: m: ++(64) 2108192090   e: drradavis@gmail.com


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