Client Value Created

“The high quality of the innovative learning process for… me was significant. It was great to also see innovative solutions that were research informed. There were many stages of learning and at all stages of the experience value was gained. One thing that was also important to be was the professional way Robert delivered this process. It was great to see the integration of professional and personal skill development into the whole learning process. As I have observed Robert; he is a leader with very high professional and academic standards. I have appreciated this connection because I know that Robert is an international research leader in marketing. Robert demonstrates a significant understanding of that discipline as well as many related areas. Robert is able to communicate, share and collaborate that knowledge to his students at all levels, business people as well as his research colleagues” (Tony Falkenstein, Chief Executive, Just Water).

“These collaborative relationships have contributed significantly to our thinking. Robert shows not just in theory but in practice, that he has a significant understanding of marketing and the business discipline. He is able to create new knowledge that influences theory and practice globally.” (Senior Marketing Executive, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare).

Robert worked with a high level of professional integrity with Richard Harrisson, my Online Business Manager and over 30 people across our implementing business partners. Robert has a high standard of project management. He sets the bar high and creates world class outcomes (Des Flynn, Executive General Manager, The Warehouse Limited).

“Thank you for all your help, guidance and support I could not have done it otherwise.”

“I would like to thank you for the experience shared along the way.”

“Robert, this has been a great journey for me. I have learnt an awful lot in terms of working constructively within teams that I can take forward and I thank you for that…”

“Thank you for all your encouragement and support.”

“I have never met a person like you; you are the best I have ever had. Thanks for every guidance and help.”

“Thank you…in such an effective way”

“He has a wired brain with zillions of thoughts passing every second…!!”

“Wow, what can I say. Fantastic. Enjoyable and challenging.”

“He his own way of analysing brands and makes them understand in simpler way. This has changed the way I look towards brands in market. Thank You for your 24/7 support and motivation.”

“Indeed you made me discover this passion and truly made me discover what I wanted to do in my professional life. I hope you will take pride in my professional success because I am surely giving you credit for it.”

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