Recent Work – Brand Development at CarbonClick

Was really happy to work with the amazing Carbon Click team to rethink there brand. Rethink = Refocus on the core values or what is called Customer Based Brand Equity. Strong marketing and communications teams are continually looking at their brand, what it means to stakeholders, what is its experience and how it could transform. […]

Commerce Commission Retail Market Study 2022

The recent report came out about how competition is not working the the NZ food retail market sector. Essentially because there is a duopoly. Apparently the two big players are making super normal profits of a $1 million NZD each day. WOW. The report? I am going to criticize the recommendations. The main ones were […]

Looking for International Market Growth? Employ this Recent Masters Graduate in Applied Business

How do we recover and grow? Build international markets. Especially China. How? Simple. Employ top Chinese graduates in NZ. My students!!! They are top thinkers, doers and excellent communications skills. From my Star Student Jiannan Qin “Dear Robert Thanks a lot for your information. I would like to promote myself if you have any career […]

Will and Able (

Another Innovative Response (AIR) to challenging marketing environments. Will and Able ( I was really impressed by this social organisations response to the current challenges.  So, they provide work for people with disabilities. Essentially, with the over night demise of the tourism and air-travel sector. Will and Able pretty much lost their whole market. This […]

Covid19 Is Not a Brand MSG

I have to be cynical. Just noticed the big brands…apple and now Heineken…lets say…branding the whole Covid thing. Ad tv. MSG…focus on community lockdown and people having a good time. Sure…but really? We are here through extreme loss. Now and in the future. Its not a brand msg.

What make effective online learning?

What make effective online learning? This is a key question everyone is asking now. Here is some research we did on the University of Auckland Online Learning System. The work was completed with Mr Don Wong. This was published in the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education . Here is the full paper (DSJIE – […]

Help Offered

I have 20 plus years experience in digital business stemming from my work with countdown online…then Woolworths online. I come from a business background. Success in the future will come from innovation and thinking. Lets do that. If you need any free contactless advice and are an SME…JUST ASK!

COVID 19 Reflection – Digital Business Readiness

Its now 1.35 pm on the 9th April 2020: half way through our New Zealand Level 4 COVID19 Lock-down. Its Easter Weekend and to ensure compliance, there are roadblocks and increased police presence to enforce the key principle of “staying at home.” Here is the official site for the fight against the virus as a […]