Core to Understanding

A key approach at drrobertdavis.com is research. Research uncovers the source of the problem or opportunity. It makes us think about the possibilities and solution. Challenging our misconceptions. Creating pathways to achieving objectives.

Most research that has been conducted by drrobertdavis.com has been focused on a organisational, market or a social context. Examples of internationally published and peer reviewed work are here to download.

Project work has been completed locally and internationally for clients such as the Waitemata PHO, the nzmotorcycleshow.co.nz, Zealandia, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, the governments of Tonga and Vanuatu, AusAid, New Zealand and International Paralympics, Air New Zealand and Tuanz.

The research process is intimately interlinked with the project objectives. At its heart is the advanced use of qualitative and quantitative methodologies such as:

  1. Actual (Server Data) Behavioural Data Analysis.
  2. Survey Research.
  3. Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modelling.
  4. Case Study Research.
  5. Focus Groups and Decision Support System Focus Group.
  6. Interview (One on One).

drrobertdavis.com has the knowledge, experience and track record to delivery on research objectives.



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