What is 2025 Taskforce About?

Our first Forum for the Future on Oct 8th looks at the 2025 Taskforce. You are invited to join the audience and ask the panel tricky questions (or not) about how we might be able to improve NZ’s productivity.

Our Guests are David Caygill and Dr Rick Boven who is director of the New Zealand Institute in one of his first public events in Auckland.

The venue is Unitec Performing and Screen Arts, Theatre , Building 6, Entry 1, Carrington Road. The shortened map URI is http://bit.ly/xA9cB

2025 Taskforce members appointed

Rodney Hide

18 August, 2009

Minister of Regulatory Reform Rodney Hide today announced the appointment of four members of the 2025 Taskforce, charged with recommending ways to improve productivity and close the income gap with Australia.

Chaired by Dr Don Brash, the 2025 Taskforce will investigate the reasons for the decline in New Zealand’s productivity performance over recent years.

Joining Dr Brash on the 2025 Taskforce are:
– Hon David Caygill: former Minister of Finance, current chair of the Electricity Commission, chair of the forthcoming ACC Review, and member of the Regulatory Responsibility Taskforce
– Jeremy Moon: founder and chief executive of Icebreaker and chair of Better by Design, a unit within New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
_ Judith Sloan: Commissioner (part-time) at the Australian Productivity Commission and Commissioner at the Australian Fair Pay Commission
– Dr Bryce Wilkinson: Director of Capital Economics, with 12 years experience in public policy analysis at the Treasury and 12 years with an investment bank

Not surprisingly other interest groups have mixed feelings about the Taskforce.

What are your thoughts?

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