UX and UI? Brand authenticity is key to meaningful and relevant customer/user experiences. But how do you conceptualize and measure brand authenticity? Use some drrobertdavis.com No.8

UX and UI? Brand authenticity is key to meaningful and relevant customer/user experiences. But how do you conceptualise and measure brand authenticity? Use some No.8. The drobertdavis.com No.8 Model. The No.8 Model is defined by 8 dimensions.  Download the short PDF Presentation.

Professional Development in Communications on 7 Days

Last year I decided to challenge myself further professionally and personally by trying to improve my live communications skills using acting. Vital in my roles in marketing, communications and learning development. I was really happy to pick up a role with 7 Days on TV3 on the #5DaysToGo Campaign. I play the role of ‘Keith’ a rando […]

Nominated for Massey University 2018 Lecturer of the Year

So happy to be thanked by my customers and clients for my commitment to the service I provide them in learning and innovation in their life journey. Nominated for Massey University 2018 Lecturer of the Year

Ten things you didn’t know about Robert Davis

As a strategic, innovative and experienced senior leader, with over 20 years’ leading marketing, brand and consumer-engagement initiatives and contributing to best-practice research within digital and offline strategy, it is with great interest that I apply for the role of Marketing Manager. I am confident that my experience in senior and consultancy roles for local […]

Great Customer Feedback from a Massey University Distance Studentt

“I thoroughly enjoyed this paper, the readings, lectures, online connect sessions and assessments kept me engaged. This paper stands out as the lecturer took the time out to give video feedback on projects, offering recommendations and suggestions on how to develop our entrepreneurial skills. There are also videos from existing companies which gives us an […]

Current Research June 2018

As at June 2018, Current Research focused on a global shift in thinking and practice in business: Conceptualising and Measuring Authentic Leadership with Dr Suze Wilson and Mohammad Saleh Torkestani. Data collected is based on the leadership of the 2017 New Zealand General Election (5002 voter responses collected and in analysis) and 2016 United States Presidential […]

Professor Margo Buchanan-Oliver: Respect and Love

Professor Margo Buchanan-Oliver: Respect and Love. It was a pleasure to be your colleague and student. Thanks for your respect and belief. Thanks for your patience and friendship. Thanks for your hugs. You got me through. Journal Articles[1] Davis, R.A., Buchanan–Oliver, M. and Brodie R. J. (2000), “Retail Service Branding in Electronic–Commerce Environments”, Journal of […]

Contemporary Executive Education: My Perspective

A Presentation on Contemporary Executive Education: My Perspective by Robert Davis Presentation PDF Here.