Forum 2010 Thanks

The forum is a particularly important event for the Department of Management and Marketing (and I am sure the Department of Performing and Screen Arts) for the reasons you have espoused. The exponential sum of many parts. For DoMM thanks to Judith, Rod, Nick and the whole department for their support and ideas. The part we most enjoy is that this project is a joint collaboration with the Department of Performing and Screen Arts. Their team is a pleasure to work with on all levels. Dan and Michelle and team. Wow and thank you again. Wow, again. Apart from the learning, it is great to have seen the result of this hard work. It was also great to see USU in the collaboration and we hope that this relationship grows. Students are the centre of this event. Jason Kemp and your Tweets. Cheers. Thanks also go to Andrea, Tom, Vince and Lenny for their hard work, belief and support. From 2009 they have all seen what this forum could become and I am sure we can all say for 2011 that we are not finished yet.
Thanks also to Rick Ede. Your entry pieces for each session were excellent.
Robert Davis
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