DoMM Rosebank Road Visit: 21 June 2011

Today the staff of the DoMM toured the Rosebank Road with the Business Association. This is an annual event to interact with local business and chat about current issues. We visited the following business. The day is always incredibly insightful and enjoyable.

Time Business Address Host

9.30 am


The Bed Factory (REST)


25 Copsey Place


Stuart Reed


10.00 am


Enprise Solutions


20 Copsey Place


Jason Lengley


11.00 am


Doyle Sailmakers


320 Rosebank Road


Chris McMaster


12 noon


Lunch at Columbus Coffee


391 Rosebank Road


1.00 pm


Rheem NZ


475 Rosebank Road


Phil Sawle


1.45-2.00 pm


Southern Spars


15 Jomac Place


David Glen


3.00 pm


Holchim NZ


54 Patiki Road


Shane Hutchinson

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