Macklemore and Ryan Lewis



Last night I went to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Auckland Vector Arena (23 February 2013). I took Stella. We booked the tickets last year and the event grew significantly; from a place that too 500 to 5000. It was cool. I really enjoyed it.  They are historic, have a strong statement about society and in my view ARE about what America really is.  To me they now rank up there with the Beastie Boys.

The support bands who were very negative and in my view did not contribute to much. One continually going on about F%$% Auckland and the same for John Key. I mean who cares and can related to this type of meaningless dialogue. I mean if you have something intelligent to say; say it. But other than that; just entertain me.


Back to  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis; they had a lot to say. They just told it how it was to them and did not see to be preaching or patronising. Honest and bare. Good humour. They seemed also to know about  NZ possums. Macklemore talked about his addiction issues which I though was great. Straight. Many of the audience were teens so I thought it was great to provide them with a contrast.


I think for Stella she can go away with some great music but also a standard about drugs and alcohol. A different view that she can respect.  It would have been great to see some additional band members or guests. For example:




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