DISRUPTION: What is Innovation? Paradox or Therapy?

This is a recent submission 2017 (unaccepted) at the European Marketing Academy which seeks to explain INNOVATION DISRUPTION: What is Innovation? Paradox or Therapy?

I used the word ‘therapy’ in the context of ‘business therapy’ an innovation term introduced to me by an experienced business practitioner, innovator, entrepreneur and…

…overall agent of disruption.


Exploring and Conceptualising Ambidexterity of Paradoxical Innovation Theory (PIT)


Robert Davis and Leonie Menzies

Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS)

In this paper, it is proposed that in the development of new and/or existing products and/or services, innovation can be defined as Paradoxical Innovation Theory (PIT). This theory suggests that innovation should represent the ambidexterity of paradoxical balance or dis-balance between: the momentum of innovation, its structure, purpose and its polychotomis-artefacts. PIT is further explored through an interpretivist grounded theory approach based upon 40 executive interviews in a publicly listed global healthcare firm. The approach discusses PIT by understanding ambidexterity in innovation through its purpose and structure as well as the need for paradoxical balance/dis-balance and polychotomies which are in a state of paradox.

Keywords: Ambidexterity, Innovation, Paradoxes

Track: EMAC 2017 Submission (unaccepted) – Innovation and New Product and Services Developments

Robert Davis is a Professor Academic Head of Business (robertd@ais.ac.nz) (drrobertdavis.com)

Leonie Menzies is a Senior Lecturer in Business (leoniem@ais.ac.nz).


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