Professional Development in Communications on 7 Days and more…


Last year I decided to challenge myself further professionally and personally by trying to improve my LIVE communications skills using acting. Vital in my roles in marketing, communications and learning development. I don’t mean to be a smarty pant but I actually really enjoy and embrace the challenge of being in such an intense and exciting context. It is important to get out of ones comfort zone.


I was really happy to pick up a role with 7 Days on TV3 on the #5DaysToGo Campaign. I play the role of ‘Keith’ a rando of the street that looks a bit like Jeremy Corbett.

The role was leading (lol) as Jeremy Corbetts double. It was incredibly fun and I learnt a lot about the process and myself. Great to totally get outside the comfort zone. It was also great working with some excellent TV3 production people.

Here are some of the outcomes from the 7 Days Facebook site which is also being played on advertisements in the Week of 28th January.

  1. The first video here were I start the show and Jeremy comes in to break up the doubles. See here on FB.
  2. The second video with just me and Jeremy having some fun. See here on FB.
  3. More fun with Paul Ego and Jeremy over coffee. See here on FB.
  4. Adults only on FB.
  5. Below (yes that is me in the middle).


Recently this professional development has extended to work on:

  1. Westside (
  2. Cold Case (

1 Comment

  1. Kim owen says:

    Brave self awareness – a hallmark of a real leader! Totally awesome!!


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