My Environmental Values Destroyed – Nike NZ, McDonald NZ and Paradise Indian Food (Sandringham) (and I am sure there are more)

I have very strong environmental values personally and professionally. I have done since the Anti-Nuclear stance of New Zealand. I have always been massively impressed by people like Peter Garret and Midnight Oil. This emphasis has flowed throughout my career and through my education beginning with Agricultural Science at Lincoln University.

But now I am really pissed off! Under the demands of the New Zealand public and our democratic system, a number of environment initiatives have been put into legislation. Such as the BAN in single use plastic bags. Public and global pressure has also put pressure on companies to stop offering things like plastic straws to consumers. According to FINNZ “It’s estimated that in New Zealand we use around 200 million plastic straws every year and what is worse is that they can last up to 200 years in our oceans.” That is sick.

What is annoying me, is despite the movement to change, a number if organisations are purposefully ignoring the bans and consumer-led directions. Shame.

For example:

McDonald’s NZ and there so called anti-plastic straw campaign!

What a load of crock. I don’t go there much, but every-time I go they ALWAYS give me (not offer or ask) a plastic straw. This is contrary to their campaign which states very clearly as below. Go Strawless and “we will only give you a plastic straw if you ask.” I have complained to McDonald’s twice now but I still see it happening. I am angered that they use the “Keep NZ Beautiful” as part of their marketing and that according to the NZ Herald they intend to expand in NZ. Apart from the environment harm against our country and the world, I can’t tolerate lying in marketing.



Nike NZ and Paradise Indian Food (Sandringham)

Another example (and I am sure there are many) are organisations floating intentionally the plastic bag legislation.

Nike in St Luke’s when I went there gave me a single use plastic bag. The retail assistant said they had complained to Head Office about it but were told to just give them out to use them up. They are still doing it as of 31 July 2019.

Paradise Indian Food (Sandringham) was cutting of the handles and floating the law. Giving them out. I believe they have stopped this now.


Its disgusting. All these organisations have had months if not a year to make changes. Its just not good enough.

ACTION Required: We need to get more passionate about protecting the environment. Organisations like them above need to be challenged and boycotted. We need to tell our friends and family. When thinking about who we work for, supply or do business with: well, take the hard decision to not associate with organisations with poor environmental and sustainability principles and track records. And yes. Get Pissed Off (GPO)

The world IS in global warming. We are going down the extension path. Do something! There are effective easy solutions.

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