Will and Able (willandable.co.nz/)

Another Innovative Response (AIR) to challenging marketing environments.

Will and Able (willandable.co.nz/)

I was really impressed by this social organisations response to the current challenges.  So, they provide work for people with disabilities.


Essentially, with the over night demise of the tourism and air-travel sector. Will and Able pretty much lost their whole market. This meant that pretty much all their staff lost their jobs. That is about 100 people who relied on that job for many things. Most of all to be with their friends and peers.

So, instead of giving up, they created a suite of Eco products. I purchased (with a subscription commitment). Many purchased. Creating the platform for those jobs to be created again.

A simple strategy. Executed well. What I most like is the layering of meaning in the new eco-products. We have product functionality, combined with sustainability and environmental protection of the product and packaging as well contribution to society and community.


Isn’t it great to buy a product from an organisation where you get more than a functional symbolic brand.

Change the World!!

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