Covid19 Is Not a Brand MSG

I have to be cynical. Just noticed the big brands…apple and now Heineken…lets say…branding the whole Covid thing. Ad tv. MSG…focus on community lockdown and people having a good time. Sure…but really? We are here through extreme loss. Now and in the future. Its not a brand msg.

B – 2018 PBRF Result

B – 2018 PBRF Result

Happy to get B Ranking for 2918 PBRF RESULT…TEC Performance Based Research Fund Top 39 percent in Marketing and Tourism Top 39 percent overall across all researchers and disciplines. This reflects the work over 6 years with a significant time in management and resulting in over 4 A ranked research ouput in the core outputs […]

Nominated for Massey University 2018 Lecturer of the Year

So happy to be thanked by my customers and clients for my commitment to the service I provide them in learning and innovation in their life journey. Nominated for Massey University 2018 Lecturer of the Year

Professor Margo Buchanan-Oliver: Respect and Love

Professor Margo Buchanan-Oliver: Respect and Love. It was a pleasure to be your colleague and student. Thanks for your respect and belief. Thanks for your patience and friendship. Thanks for your hugs. You got me through. Journal Articles[1] Davis, R.A., Buchanan–Oliver, M. and Brodie R. J. (2000), “Retail Service Branding in Electronic–Commerce Environments”, Journal of […]

Contemporary Executive Education: My Perspective

A Presentation on Contemporary Executive Education: My Perspective by Robert Davis Presentation PDF Here.

CMON GT^ (Come On. Get Up)

CMON GT^ (Come On. Get Up) Digital Brand and Interactive Campaign Here I am going to present some of the brand, strategy and content that I developed for the CMON GT^ Campaign implemented for ARPASS and SPARC in 2006/2007.  The full report evaluating the campaign can be read here: CMONG GT – Final Evaluation Report 2007 […]

Learning and Knowledge – The Best Achievement

This week I had a chance to reflect on the success of my team at AIS Business Programmes. I was able to do this through our Student Representation Forum which is run over 25 courses each semester (3 semesters). Essentially the course reps get together with me and one of my staff Dr. Leonie Menzies […]