CMON GT^ (Come On. Get Up)

CMON GT^ (Come On. Get Up) Digital Brand and Interactive Campaign Here I am going to present some of the brand, strategy and content that I developed for the CMON GT^ Campaign implemented for ARPASS and SPARC in 2006/2007.  The full report evaluating the campaign can be read here: CMONG GT – Final Evaluation Report 2007 […]

Learning and Knowledge – The Best Achievement

This week I had a chance to reflect on the success of my team at AIS Business Programmes. I was able to do this through our Student Representation Forum which is run over 25 courses each semester (3 semesters). Essentially the course reps get together with me and one of my staff Dr. Leonie Menzies […]

Tank Juice by Monica Cantoni Secco

Tank Juice by Monica Cantoni Secco It is always nice when learners think about life long learning and reflection in an applied context. Here is an example of one of my best and brightest students from Brazil, Monica Cantoni Secco ( who based the development of her digital marketing strategy on Tank Juice. Monica on […]

New Zealand Economy? Q: When will the housing bubble burst? A: Before 2017.

The question that is on everyone’s minds is: New Zealand Economy? Q: When will the housing bubble burst? My view is that it will be before 2017. Please note: I am not a financial analyst and/or am making any claim of financial advice. Seek the advice of professionals in this area. This blog is purely my […]

Pokemon Go. Why this brand continues to capture the imagination of the user?

Pokemon Go. Why this brand continues to capture the imagination of the user? Not convinced: Here is some stats from the App Institute. A key question for digital strategists and in fact anyone involved with the development of marketing strategy is: Why Pokemon Go is such a powerful brand? Real Virtuality of the Digital Brand […]

Pokemon Go: Revenue = $US1.6 million/Day. Why?

Pokemon Go: Revenue = $US1.6 million/Day. Why? A digital marketing student I am working with Hayan Coronet presents in this video (in English and Portuguese) why he thinks Pokemon Go is the hottest thing since….whenever. Look out digital markets and business: you have now been gamified. Gamification: the new frontier of business. Contact Hayan Coronet at […]

Sugar Tax of 10% would probably decrease the quantity of sugar-sweetened beverages by approximately 12%

Well done Jamie for his work on this (hint to our celebrity Chef in NZ). I welcome the sugar tax in the UK for a number of reasons. Being Type 2 diabetic I can see the effects of sugar and other life style factors from the the other side. Go to the supermarket and do […]

New Website:

A new website for 2016 reflecting the growth of the business The site leverages the WordPress platform and features images from the recent February 2016 mountain bike trail ride. 310 km in the Alps to Ocean Ride from Mt Cook to Oamaru.