Covid19 Is Not a Brand MSG

I have to be cynical. Just noticed the big brands…apple and now Heineken…lets say…branding the whole Covid thing. Ad tv. MSG…focus on community lockdown and people having a good time. Sure…but really? We are here through extreme loss. Now and in the future. Its not a brand msg.

B – 2018 PBRF Result

B – 2018 PBRF Result

Happy to get B Ranking for 2918 PBRF RESULT…TEC Performance Based Research Fund Top 39 percent in Marketing and Tourism Top 39 percent overall across all researchers and disciplines. This reflects the work over 6 years with a significant time in management and resulting in over 4 A ranked research ouput in the core outputs […]

Nominated for Massey University 2018 Lecturer of the Year

So happy to be thanked by my customers and clients for my commitment to the service I provide them in learning and innovation in their life journey. Nominated for Massey University 2018 Lecturer of the Year

Professor Margo Buchanan-Oliver: Respect and Love

Professor Margo Buchanan-Oliver: Respect and Love. It was a pleasure to be your colleague and student. Thanks for your respect and belief. Thanks for your patience and friendship. Thanks for your hugs. You got me through. Journal Articles[1] Davis, R.A., Buchanan–Oliver, M. and Brodie R. J. (2000), “Retail Service Branding in Electronic–Commerce Environments”, Journal of […]

Contemporary Executive Education: My Perspective

A Presentation on Contemporary Executive Education: My Perspective by Robert Davis Presentation PDF Here.

CMON GT^ (Come On. Get Up)

CMON GT^ (Come On. Get Up) Digital Brand and Interactive Campaign Here I am going to present some of the brand, strategy and content that I developed for the CMON GT^ Campaign implemented for ARPASS and SPARC in 2006/2007.  The full report evaluating the campaign can be read here: CMONG GT – Final Evaluation Report 2007 […]