UBELAB. Avisioned Branding

The first page to my first blog. Lets keep it simple.

For a while now I have branded and avisioned myself, Ubelab. What does this all mean? 

Lab means, place of thinking. Knowledge creation. A previous tag line I have used is “strategic momentum in knowledge”. UBE, is a play of the word ubiquitous. I am everywhere. Aren’t we all. The secondary meaning, by chance I must say, relates to u, as in YOU and ME, just BE, as in be. Translated – UBE = you and me, we will just be ourselves. I like that sense of freedom and argument. 

Bring this all together. The UBELAB is a place for knowledge creation where we will just be ourselves. I hope that makes sense. 

That is the brand and I hope the image that The UBELAB will create. 

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