Infinite Brands are Social Media Brands Owned by the Community

Infinite Brands are Social Media Brands Owned and Sustained by the Community. I have recently come to think about the whole concept of infinite brands. This is divergent thinking because 99.9% of existing marketing theory on branding is based upon the concept of finite brands. Lets first define finite brands. They are created and then […] by Camila Da Fonseca by Camila Da Fonseca in Digital Marketing with Dr. Robert Davis at NZ INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION.  A cool app that focuses  in managing a person’s giving to charities. Cool.

Mobile Shopping is HERE, gone and BOOMing! : Alibaba Group Generated US$9.3 Billion in Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) on 11.11 Shopping Festival

Quoted directly from but this is impressive. Shows how mobile shopping is here, gone and boooming. Is the desktop and desktop online sales dying? Yes. Probably if you believe in the principle that commerce will be everywhere, anytime and place.  Ubiquitous in other words. 2014 Highlights from Total GMV settled through Alipay was US$9.3 […]

Social Media Branding: Intermediate School Kids Project – My Life. My Beliefs. Don't Judge.

It was really cool to see some kids out today in Mt Eden with a social media branding project. My Life.  My Beliefs. Don’t Judge.  Strong message.  What really struck me about their delivery was their offline delivery.  They were giving away brownies to get people to sign their petition.  Cool. Further.  To get people […]

Part Three: Not much spark from SPARK ( The Accenture Rebranding Case

The important thing now is to look to the strategic issues and in the case of rebranding, what are some good examples of best practice. I like to refer to the Accenture rebranding case with clients and learners.  Here is some great comment from Staci Cretu Brand Building – Accenture “Due to brand confusion between Arthur Andersen and […]