The Big Picture CAM + LOOP: A Conceptual Model of Communications in Ubiquitous Markets (uMarkets)

If you have read the two posts on: 

The CAM Model: [] 


The LOOP Model: []

You may realize where I am going

An overall conceptual model of communications in ubiquitous markets or uMarkets. This is the next publication I am working on. Slow work in progress but it is my belief that it makes a significant contribution to marketing thinking.  Integrated, the model works on two fundamental flows of communication for consumers and marketers, ; (1) the coupled channels such as the Tetradic configuration (web, mobile, traditional media, pure offline) that facilitates the inter-channel interactive experience and (2) the CAM model which promotes the collective communication process and P2P interactive experience.

When the two models work together we have what is called the Optimal Interactive Experience (OIE). Maybe that acronym is symbolic for getting the consumers attention in markets where they are literally all over the place. 

So, what shall we call this model; CAM + LOOP. That should do for now anyway. 

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