Books for Tonga

On Friday 14 May 2010, the staff of Centre for Pacific Development & Support welcomed members of the of the Tongan community and representatives of the Tupou Tertiary Institute in Tonga for a handover of 17 boxes consisting of Marketing, Management, Economics, computing and Statistics text books that were collected and donated by the staff in the Department of Management and Marketing.

Associate Professor Robert Davis, Head of the Department of Management and Marketing, handed over the 17 boxes of books to Reverent Fotofili Namoa, who is the Secretary of the Tupou Ex-Students Association in New Zealand. Davies expressed his gratitude for the opportunity that his Department and Faculty have in continuing to strengthen its relationship with Tonga and specifically on the contribution he hopes that these books will provide for the education of Tongan students. Reverent Namoa thanked Associate Professor Davis, his Department and Unitec for the great gift they have given for the students of Tupou Tertiary Institute and for Tongan students.

Although the books were donated to Tupou Tertiary Institute, arrangements have been made so that students from other tertiary institutes in Tonga are able to access and use these books. Tupou Tertiary Institute is owned by the Methodists Church Trust (Tonga) and teaches business courses at levels 1-6.

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