Universities are full…but what about Unitec and the DoMM

There has been a lot of chatter about Universities being full, that is, limiting their student enrollments. What I can say about this from the DoMM, Unitec perspective is that we welcome any student who wants to do their studies in business. We do degrees too as well as Diplomas and certificates for those just getting started in Marketing, Management, HR, Operations Management.

So, we are open for business. Yes, we have been flat out in the last years with enrollments. Students are increasingly realizing that if they want to learn about applied business, then Unitec is the key. All of our staff come from applied backgrounds in SME’s and major corporates. Gosh, I used to work for IBM in marketing management and then I decided to do my PhD at the University of Auckland in Marketing and Online Retailing.

The key to our success is your success, that is, where your career goes is partly a function of our emphasis on leading applied business. Nice to also have a learning environment where applied knowledge is also at that sharp edge.

No stone left unturned…

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