Nikita Van Der Pijl New Intern: School of Economics and Business in Amsterdam

Hi Everyone,

I’m Nikita and liked to be a part of the Management and Marketing Department of Unitec till the end of December.

I have to do an internship as part of my study in the Netherlands. I am following a Bachelor Program in Management, Economics & Law at the School of Economics and Business in Amsterdam.

This is my third course year and after this I have to study one more year. After that I will do a master.I think it is important to have international business experience. Because now to day, more and more things are international oriented. Therefore I have decided to do an internship outside my own country. English is the main language in the whole world and I want to improve my own English skills. New Zealand is an amazing country with a lot of opportunities. It is an English spoken country with a good business area. These two things were very important by making my choose for New Zealand. Through searching on the internet I founded the organization Student Down Under. This organization help students by finding their internship placement. They offered me a position at the management and marketing department of Unitec. This sounded very good and I think my profile is matching very good with this department. Unitec is an organization that offered and do many things, my study have gave me a wide understanding of different business aspects. And I think these two things could be matched perfect.

During the following 5 months I will give Unitec support at different positions. There will be a lot of events and I am going to help with the organization of these. Also I have to contain the blogs on the domm and facebook. Of course there are a lot of other daily tasks that I have to do. I am sure I will learn a lot and get a lot of business experience in organizing, leadership and stuff like that.

Sunny Regards,


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