Natural disaster

We are thankful that the recent earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand has not claimed any lives, but it has caused major disruption to what is otherwise a routine, albeit dynamic, business environment.

This raises the question regarding how many businesses have a back up plan in case their business is disrupted by a similar event.

Besides the obvious time lost in cleaning up, and making repairs, what other affects are there?

Does your business have back up plan; even if you are not personally affected some of your employees, customers and suppliers may be.

So all businesses need to consider:
Alternative suppliers
Alternative routes or methods for deliveries
Alternative locations from which to carry out business
Alternative workforce
Availability of replacement plant and equipment
The effect of extra hours needed to overcome the backlog when business resumes
Off site back up of information and business records
Forming local area disaster groups for mutual support in times of need
And other factors that make your business unique

Consider all possible disasters:

How will your business survive a disaster? Are you prepared?

Who would have placed a bet on an earthquake of this magnitude hitting

Would you place a bet on one occurring in Auckland?

Conduct a Risk assessment of your business and be ready.

It is better to have a plan that is not needed than to need a plan and not have one.

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