The American Academy of Advertising Research Fellowship Competition – May 2011

Call for Proposals

AAA 2012 Research Fellowship Competition

Submission Deadline: September 9, 2011

The American Academy of Advertising Research Fellowship Competition promotes the continued scholarship of professors and advertising professionals who have completed their education and are doing research in advertising. Doctoral students are not eligible to participate in this competition, and joint research with doctoral students is likewise specifically excluded, unless that research will not be part of the student’s dissertation.

Each award, typically, is in the range of $1,000 to $3,000. Any topic that is appropriate for potential publication in the Journal of Advertising is eligible for the competition.

Awards are based on a competitive review of research proposals. While members can submit as many single or joint proposals as desired within a given year, authors cannot receive funding for more than one proposal. Based on the reviews, should more than one paper containing an author’s name receive high rankings, only the highest ranking one will be funded. Winners must comply with the following requirements:

1. Persons submitting proposals must be current members of the American Academy of Advertising. If funded, you must also maintain membership until you complete your project.

2. Winners must grant the Journal of Advertising first right of refusal on any papers resulting from the supported research. Research fellows receive half of the award at the time of selection and half of the award when the first completed paper is submitted to the Journal of Advertising.

3. Winners must complete the awarded research project in three years to receive the second half of the award. If the project is not completed in three years, the second half of the award is automatically forfeited. For example, a 2012 Fellowship winner has until April 1, 2015 to complete the project in order to receive the second half of the award.

4. Winners should acknowledge that the project was funded by an AAA Research Fellowship in all publications resulting from the project. Winners are asked to publicize the award on their campuses, in their communities, etc., attaining as much publicity as possible.

5. Winners cannot apply for additional Research Fellowships while their award is active. Awards are active until winners (a) complete the Fellowship by submitting a manuscript to the Journal of Advertising within the three-year time limit and receive the second half of the award or (b) forfeit the second half of the award.

Requirements for Submission of Proposals

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE SENT ELECTRONICALLY in MS Word format. Submissions should include the following:

1. A cover email, including the proposal’s title, with the names and addresses (including email addresses) and affiliations of all authors. Please designate a single contact person and provide phone and fax numbers for that person as well. This page is for record keeping only and will be removed before submissions are sent out for review. Proposals are double-blind reviewed, so the researcher’s name, geographic location, or affiliation should not be revealed in the body of the proposal. You will receive an email acknowledgement.

To ensure that your paper is blind reviewed, do not include a title page with your proposal (your cover email will serve as your “title page”). Additionally, per the instructions below, you must delete all properties from your proposal.

Procedure for deleting properties for e-mail submission (in Word 2007):

1) Click the Microsoft Office Button and point to Prepare.

2) Click Inspect Document, and in the Document Inspector box be sure Document Properties and Personal Information is checked.

3) Click Inspect and then select Remove All for Document Properties and Personal Information.

4) Save the document.

2. The body of the proposal, which should be no more than 10 pages, excluding tables & figures.

The body of the proposal shall include:

· A literature review, including a statement of the substantive contribution and importance of the proposed research, and ending with relevant research questions or hypotheses.

· A methodology section that succinctly outlines the research design, including the subjects (if any) and procedure. If relevant, please identify dependent and independent variables, treatment manipulations, experimental design, data analysis techniques, statistical models, etc., in this section.

· A conclusion, including expected results and implications.

· References

Proposal Format Requirements

· 10 page limit, including references. Figures, tables, budget and timetable should be placed in an appendix and do not count toward the 10 page limit.

· Contents must be double spaced

· 12 point Times New Roman font (or equivalent)

· One inch margins on all four sides

· Title of proposal at the top of page one

· Page numbers

3. An appendix, including:

· A timetable for completion of the research

· A proposed budget, which should be both realistic and adequately detailed.

4. In addition to the proposal, submit one resume/vitae for each author.

Proposals must be received by the Chair of the Research Committee no later than 5pm on Friday September 9, 2011. Submissions will be acknowledged via email. Faxed or standard postal mail submissions are not allowed. Winners will be notified by early December 2011. The awards will be announced at the 2012 AAA Conference and communicated to the membership through the AAA Newsletter.

Researchers who previously have received an AAA Fellowship are eligible for the award upon completion or termination of the previous award. Researchers who have submitted proposals that have not been awarded support in the past may resubmit proposals for similar projects.

Submit materials to:

Dr. Eric Haley

Chair, AAA Research Committee

School of Advertising and Public Relations

University of Tennessee


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