American Academy of Advertising, 2013: THE LOOP MODEL: MODELLING CONSUMER INTERACTIVITY IN CAMPAIGNS COUPLING SIMULTANEOUS MEDIA By Robert Davis : Presented at American Academy of Advertising, 2013, Conference Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America

THE LOOP MODEL: MODELLING CONSUMER INTERACTIVITY IN CAMPAIGNS COUPLING SIMULTANEOUS MEDIA By Robert Davis Presented at: American Academy of Advertising, 2013, Conference Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States of America [Paper] [Presentation] ABSTRACT Based on the responses of 498 consumers, this research simulates the LOOP Model, the consumer’s experience of interactivity when interacting with campaigns simultaneously coupling the ubiquitous mobile channel (e.g., mobile/smartphone/iPhone/iPad) with […]

American Academy of Advertising Proceedings 2011 Asia-Pacific Conference

Conference Proceedings Every year the AAA holds a conference at which advertising research findings and theories are presented, as well as papers concerning methods of teaching advertising. Following each annual conference, the papers presented at that meeting are compiled into a published Proceedings. Below are links to Tables of Contents (1996-2010) or annotated bibliographies (1980-1995) […]

American Academy of Advertising September 2011 Newsletter

I am pleased to share the September 2011 Newsletter of the American Academy of Advertising. In this issue: – Featured Teaching Column by Esther Thorson (Missouri School of Journalism) – Featured Research Column by Hairong Li (Michigan State University) – The President’s Column by Herb Rotfeld – Special Column by new editor, Anca Micu – […]

AAA 2012 Doctoral Dissertation Competition

Call for Proposals AAA 2012 Doctoral Dissertation Competition Submission Deadline: November 4, 2011 The American Academy of Advertising is pleased to announce its 2012 Doctoral Dissertation Competition. The competition exists to promote doctoral research in advertising. Each award is in the range of $1,000 to $2,500. In addition to the standard awards, the Dunn Award […]

The American Academy of Advertising Research Fellowship Competition – May 2011

Call for Proposals AAA 2012 Research Fellowship Competition Submission Deadline: September 9, 2011 The American Academy of Advertising Research Fellowship Competition promotes the continued scholarship of professors and advertising professionals who have completed their education and are doing research in advertising. Doctoral students are not eligible to participate in this competition, and joint research with […]