CMON GT^ Campaign

To be nostalgic I am posting some material (word in progress) on a campaign I did in 2007.  See here.  It is also a great opportunity to put some of the 100’s of photo I have of the Vodafone Warriors who were sponsors of CMON GT^ and I took some to schools to promote the campaign. Here are some photos from Mt Roskill Grammar.

CMON GT^ ( engages 13 to 18 year olds in a physical activity campaign, utilising text and web based technology as well as the offline and the television media channels. CMON GT^ is based around an inter-school competition where students participate to gain points in the form of a unique game card by being physically active. Student activity points contribute to their schools combined points with the campaign seeking to find Auckland’s most Active Secondary School. Through the website, students are able to form small groups of up to 10 players and effectively compete against each other. CMON GT^ runs over 10 weeks from Monday June 4th to Friday 10th August.

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