Love of Service and Learning. Its Painful Sometimes!

I recently received the below feedback from a customer about my service and commitment to their learning. Wow. Thank you. It made realize that sometimes service and customer commitment actually hurts. The self. You so much want to lead them to success but the journey has failure and then recovery and then failure…then success. Its […]

Ten things you didn’t know about Robert Davis

As a strategic, innovative and experienced senior leader, with over 20 years’ leading marketing, brand and consumer-engagement initiatives and contributing to best-practice research within digital and offline strategy, it is with great interest that I apply for the role of Marketing Manager. I am confident that my experience in senior and consultancy roles for local […]

WSO Presentations by Professor Robert Davis

Professor Robert Davis runs the first of professional development series for business students at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS). To receive free Power Point Presentation, contact us or leave your name in the comment.…/executive-team-a…/professor-robert-davis/ WSO presentions focus on: W – WHY – Why we do presentation? S – SHAPE – What is the structure […]

Buy Social Media Branding for Small Business at Timeout Bookshop in Mt Eden, Auckland

If you would like to Buy Social Media Branding for Small Business: The Five Sources Model by Dr Robert Davis. Go to the Timeout Bookshop in Mt Eden, Auckland.  Ask for Jenna and email For those not in Auckland please go to Business Expert Press and buy online. This book contains the most latest thinking about […]

New Work ( New Zealand Motorcycle Show

I have recent become involved in the online and social media strategy of New Zealand Motorcycle Show About the New Zealand Motorcycle Show The Rotary Club of Papakura is holding what will be New Zealand’s premium Motorcycle Show, The New Zealand Motorcycle Show. It is great to announce the dates of the New Zealand Motorcycle Show. ASB Showgrounds, […]

Does Online Retail Save a Traditional Retail Business? Yeah: NAH

There has been a lot of debate recently on the whole question of whether Online Retail Saves a Traditional Business. Simply meaning that traditional retail businesses need to start to engage in online retail to maintain and increase their customer base as well as potentially improve customer service and/or reduce costs. I feel the need to […] by Camila Da Fonseca by Camila Da Fonseca in Digital Marketing with Dr. Robert Davis at NZ INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION.  A cool app that focuses  in managing a person’s giving to charities. Cool.

Social Media Branding for Small Business – Final Proof Stage Before Hardcopy Publication December 2014 in the USA

  Social Media Branding for Small Business – Final Proof Stage Before Hardcopy Publication December 2014 in the USA. The hard copy will also include cases from Inna Piven.