APMG 8119: Video posted about the prophet Mohammad

For the APMG 8119 class I would like to comment about the recent and current events about the social response to the video posted about the prophet Mohammad. Let me first say that this video is abhorrent and I will not post any links on this site about the video or news relating to the video. Lets me also say that the deaths or harm of anyone related to this video and the social response is very sad. People and their families have been destroyed over this video. In our masters course discussion we reflect on the digital enterprise and its impact and relationship to society.

Online this is an example of how just one video can create such devastation, crisis, anger and sadness. It amplifies and has become part of the new ‘weapons’ of those that want to try to create a state of anarchy. We live in a real world with real impact. What we post has impact. I would also like to see google, facebook, you tube etc to block this video. This would be the most socially responsible thing to do.   Given some of the recent news today on the protests (17 September 2012) it would appears that the riots were incited and staged.

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