International Journal of Mobile Marketing: CONCEPTUALIZING PLAY IN MOBILE COMMERCE ENVIRONMENTS by Robert Davis, Ahsan Ali Chaudhri

Latest Research: International Journal of Mobile Marketing: CONCEPTUALIZING PLAY IN MOBILE COMMERCE ENVIRONMENTS

by Robert Davis, Ahsan Ali Chaudhri


Mobile data services have rapidly become an important way in which consumers connect and communicate ubiquitously. What is more interesting for marketers is the increasing use of these services by consumers to experience play. This research explores the perceptions of senior marketing executives across the mobile data service industry in Asia who over the last four years have been directly involved in the development and implementation of marketing strategies. It was found that the consumer’s desire to play with mobile data services is enhanced when they are universal and easy for all groups of consumers to use and understand. These services should support the interactive consumer experience and provide entertainment. Communication in this context must be less intrusive and should enable the recipient to receive a message discreetly. It was also found that consumers also enact play activities to support indirect communication, companionship, community and the need to challenge and impress peers. Also, play has a strong emotive component, so services should enable consumers to express or hide their mood as well as allow emotion and feelings to be expressed more easily. In some cases alternative modes of communication are used and consumers may opt to express emotion graphically. Service development should also emphasize personalization that reflects the individual’s personality and status. Managerial implications are discussed.

Keywords: consumer, mobile data services, hedonic consumption


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