Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year for 2013 from Robert Davis and Family

I wanted to end 2012 on a happy note. This year has been a great year and I have achieved a lot as I am sure you have.  But some parts have been random chaos in some ways (or are we just breaking old patterns). There is always heaps of collaboration. So, thanks to those who have trusted me and worked toward nirvana or something possibly close. A big thanks to Bodo Lang, Inna Piven, Zac Pullen and Kaly Nou.

Here are some highlights of my year.

On a personal note, my great kids Stella and Dede. They continue to grow, amaze me and challenge their Dad always.  What more can I say. They are they best. Love you always.

April 2012 001


On a professional note, here are some highlights that I am proud of that span 2012 and 2013.

Journal Articles

1. Davis, R., and Bodo, L. (2012). Does Perceived Control Increase Game Usage and Purchase Behavior? International Journal of Consumer Research. 1179-8785.

2. Solomona, M., and Davis, R. (2012). Exploring Entrepreneurship Policy in a Pacific Context: The Case of Tonga. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. 1476-1297.

3. Davis, R., and Lang, B. (2013) forthcoming. Does Self-Congruity Increase Game Usage and Purchase? Young Consumers. 1747-3616.

4. Davis, R., and Lang, B. (2013) forthcoming. Modeling Game Usage, Purchase and Perceived Complexity. Computers in Entertainment.

5. Hopefully forthcoming….Davis, R., Lang, B., and Gautam, I. (2013). Modelling Utilitarian-Hedonic Dual Mediation (UHDM) in the Purchase and Use of Games. Internet Research. 1066-2243.

Conference Contribution- Paper in Published Proceedings

1. Davis, R., Lang, B., and San Diego, J. (2013). A Comparison of Online and Offline Gender and Goal Directed Shopping Online. 2013 Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Conference.

2. Davis, R. (2013). Modeling Consumer Interactivity in Campaigns Coupling Simultaneous Media. American Academy of Advertising Conference. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

3. Gautam, N., Davis, R., and Lang, B. (2012). Conceptualising Self-concept, Self-efficacy and Perceived Enjoyment in the Consumption of Games. Austraila New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC).

4. Piven, I., and Davis, R. (2012). Conceptualising the Brand Relationship in Social Media Consumption. Austraila New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC).

5. Davis, R., Lang, B., and San Diego, Josefino. (2012). Does Gender Mediate Online Shopping Attitudes and Purchase Intentions? Austraila New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC).

Conference Contribution- Poster Presentation

1. Piven, I., and Davis, R. (2012). Exploring the Consumers Service Brand Consumption In A Social Media Community. Consumer-Brand Relationships Conference, Simmons School of Management, Boston, Massachusetts (USA).

2. Lim, M., and Davis, R. (2012). Conceptualising Cause-Related Marketing: An Algorithm-Based Content Analysis. Austraila New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC). Accepted but not presented due to funding cuts.

3. Hunt, D., and Davis, R. (2012). Exploring Adolescent Entrepreneurial Learning and Consequential Behaviour. Austraila New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC). Accepted but not presented due to funding cuts.

4. Davis, R., and Lang, B. (2012). Do Consumers Enjoy Computer Games? DMEF Direct/Interactive Marketing Research Summit. October 13 – 14, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV. Accepted but not presented due to funding cuts.

Current Research Projects

1. Service Brands and Social Media with I Piven.

2. Consumer Brand Relationships with K Nou.

3. Authenticity and Online Consumer Behavior with K Sheriff.

4. Games and Consumer Behavior with B Lang.

5. Sport Fan Consumption Behavior with L McGinnis.

6. Gender; On-line vs. Offline with B Lang and J San Diego.

7. Reconceptualising Innovation with S Smith.

8. Modeling Consumer Interactivity in Campaigns Coupling Simultaneous Media with A Ali.

9. Service Culture with S Pant.

Consortia Membership

1. 2010 to Current – Member of American Academy of Advertising

2. 2010 to Current – Member of ANZMAC – Ranked C (ARC 2010)

3. 2010 to Current – Member of Co9 (Club of 9 NZ Head of Marketing Departments including UNITEC).

External Research Funding

1. Fisher and Paykel Healthcare Thesis Award

2. Tony Falkenstein Thesis Award

Facilitating Networks

1. Facilitating research network development with University of Auckland and Dr Bodo Lang, Sandra  Smith.

2. Inclusion of Trademe, The Human Interface, Altezano Coffee, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Air NZ on Marketing Strategy Course at Masters level. This is a research based course focusing on solving advanced marketing problems from a theory and practical perspective.

Student Supervision

1. Daniel Hunt, Primary Supervisor, Master of Business (thesis), Unitec New Zealand.

2. Hylda Von Dinklage, Master of Computing (thesis), Unitec New Zealand.

3. Inna Piven, Primary Supervisor, Master of Business (thesis), Unitec New Zealand (Completed).

4. Kaly Nou, Primary Supervisor, Master of Business (thesis), Unitec New Zealand.

5. Kevin Sheriff, Primary Supervisor, Master of Business (thesis), Unitec New Zealand.

6. Ahsan Ali, An Integrated Conceptual Model of Mobile Communications in Marketing, , Southern Cross University, Doctor of Business Administration, (in progress). This supervision builds from my long term emphasis, expertise and international work on interactive marketing including; the web/internet, mobile and computer games.

7. Sandeep Pant, Primary Supervisor, Master of Business (thesis), Unitec New Zealand.

8. Yufei Wei, Master of Business thesis proposed supervision 2013.

9. Manilay Vanphavong, Master of Business thesis proposed supervision 2013.

10. Chantal Baker, Master of Business thesis proposed supervision 2013.

Current Teaching

1. Master of Business programme

a. APMG 8117 Marketing Strategy

b. APMG 8119 Digital Enterprise

2. Bachelor of Business

a. BSNS 7454 Strategic Brand Management.


1. Invitation to be reviewer for Journal of Advertising on Advergames, In-Game Advertising, and Social Media Games, together with Ralf Terlutter from Klagenfurt (Austria) University and Michael L. Capella, PhD, Associate Professor of Marketing, Villanova School of Business. This journal is ranked A in ARC and ABDC.

2. Computers in Human Behaviour

3. European Journal of Marketing

4. International Conference on Marketing Studies

5. International Journal of Electronic Business

6. International Review of Retailing and Distribution

7. Internet Research – Reviewer and Editorial Board

8. Invitation to submit a paper for journal publication at Journal of Service Science and Management – C Ranked

9. Invited reviewer to 2013 American Academy of Advertising

10. Journal of Advertising

11. Journal of Service Research

12. Invited reviewer at European Marketing Academy A ranked global marketing conference.




Teaching Performance

1. High course and lecturer rating for APMG 8119 Digital Enterprise.

2. Positive teaching feedback from students (terrible self promotion 🙂  ) :

“Good Evening Professor, How are you? I have finally cleared my P.G.Dip in Business, Thank you for all your help, guidance and support I could not have done it otherwise. Your lessons have taught me a lot which I shall cherish for the rest of my life.”

“I would like to thank you for the experience shared along the way. Your classes were very enriching and really inspired me to do well on the assignments…”

“Robert, this has been a great course and journey for me. I love the industry contact and pressure sustained throughout the course. I have learnt an awful lot in terms of working constructively within teams that I can take forward and I thank you for that…”

“Thank you for all your encouragement and support during the course.”

“I have never met a person like you, you are the best lecturer I have ever had. Thanks for every guidance and help.”

“Thank you…teaching us in this semester in such an effective way”

“He has a wired brain with zillions of thoughts passing every second…I learn a lot during his sessions…Thx [Lecturer A]!!”

“Wow, what can I say. Fantastic lecturer and relays information back to students in an easy to understand way. Assignments relate back to exactly what you are learning, and the positive and constructive feedback you receive about your assignment is great. It keeps you on track and helps you understand what you can do better next time. The idea of creating online portfolios is a great way to stay connected with other students as well and get an idea of how work should be put together. In my three years at Unitec, I would have to say that this has probably been the most enjoyable and challenging class I have attended.”

“This course engages me and is research based which is very interesting.”

“Lecturer A has his own way of analysing brands and make them understand in simpler way. This class has changed the way I look towards brands in market. I must admit this is the class I never want to miss. Salute to Lecturer A. Thank You for your 24/7 support and motivation to enhance our marketing skills.”

“The most exciting class…every new one really contributes to my thinking!”

“I would like to thank you for this. Indeed you made me discover this passion through your class and truly made me discover what I wanted to do in my professional life. ”

March 2010 004


For 2013 there are some simple goals:

  1. I continue the passion, desire and belief in a full professorship. 
  2. To continue building what has been created.
  3. As a father: well lets just take that day by day. To be the best that I can possibly be.


Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year,
Robert Davis


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  1. Kaly says:

    Thank you so much for everything. I’m inspired by your passion, commitment, wisdom, and kind heart. You have inspired me in every way, and for that I’ve done things I never thought I could do, for which I’m very thankful…I’m really grateful to have you as my professor last year and thesis supervisor this year. You are the best! 🙂


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