comScore and Brave New World: Measurement

Placing the importance on measurement: I agree comScore.

See also the work from 2003 in this space culminating in: Robert Davis and Laszlo Sajtos (2008), “Measuring Consumer Interactivity in Response to Campaigns Coupling Mobile and Television Media.” Journal of Advertising Research 48 (3): 375–391 . Just the start and can be extended to many channels coupled.

From comScore (2013): A Manifesto for the Future of Digital Media Measurement & Analytics

“Media fragmentation is occurring at lightspeed
in today’s multi-platform environment,
which features not only TVs and computers, but
smartphones, tablets, gaming platforms and a
seemingly ever-increasing number of emerging
devices. This new paradigm offers consumers
a seamless digital experience that can easily
traverse platforms, locations and temporal
constraints so that content can be experienced
anytime and anyplace. And as the average
consumer’s screen time expands to fill in many
of these available gaps throughout the day,
there are more opportunities than ever before
for marketers to reach and engage.”

Full report:  Brave-New-Digital-World-Manifesto.

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