2012 Tertiary Spend on Advertising from the Otago Times – WOW! $30.742 million

“The total spend for all tertiary institutions in New Zealand was $30.742 million.” This is a very interesting read: see here. I suppose most of this spend goes on TV. But hey, most of the students are on social media and their mobiles. They can be communicated to for pretty much nothing. I am confused.


  1. Andrew Murphy says:

    You’re right: it is a lot of money to spend, largely on “old” media such as TV and outdoor. That’s market forces for you. And the biggest spender is… Unitec! Confused? Your institution apparently is!


    • Robert Davis says:

      Hi Andrew; Yes, I am even more confused as to the significant allocation of such funds away from core value creating activities for this country. Gosh – I can only dream of what I could do with a fraction of that spend in my own research. Nice to talk with you. Rob


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