Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Experience? The Difference in Experiential Value.

Often the question is brought up about the brand and the difference between traditional marketing vs. digital experience? The answer lies in the outcome and consequences. Primarily the difference is in the customers experiential value and the protection of that by the channel. A simple example is a current campaign that is based upon advertising communications […]

Stimulus and Response; Old School

A simple point (often forgotten) made about marketing communications campaigns and brands. Channels to stimulate. Channels for customers to respond. Building the interactive experience of the brand. 

2012 Tertiary Spend on Advertising from the Otago Times – WOW! $30.742 million

“The total spend for all tertiary institutions in New Zealand was $30.742 million.” This is a very interesting read: see here. I suppose most of this spend goes on TV. But hey, most of the students are on social media and their mobiles. They can be communicated to for pretty much nothing. I am confused.

"Facebook Is a ‘Mobile Company,’ But Is That a Good Business? (Bloomberg)": YES: Facebook is the new Google (Davis).

The results just came out for Facebook showing that 23% of their revenue is now from mobile ad (up from 14%). The question is; is this good news? The full article is here (Facebook Is a ‘Mobile Company,’ But Is That a Good Business? by Bloomberg) My view is yes. For two reasons: 1. Consumers […]

A good example of an ad that touches the experience, involvement and engagement of a brand towards consumers by Diego Romero

Kia Ora Robert!: Dont know if u have seen it, but its a good example of an ad that touches the experience, involvement and engagement of a brand towards consumers. I reckon, its a funny and nice example to be used in class. Greetingsss: Diego Romero Thanks Diego. Good thinking and analysis.

American Academy of Advertising Proceedings 2011 Asia-Pacific Conference

Conference Proceedings Every year the AAA holds a conference at which advertising research findings and theories are presented, as well as papers concerning methods of teaching advertising. Following each annual conference, the papers presented at that meeting are compiled into a published Proceedings. Below are links to Tables of Contents (1996-2010) or annotated bibliographies (1980-1995) […]

Portfolios for Strategic Marketing Communications 6374 – Bachelor of Business – The Beginning

See some of the beginnings of my (Dr Robert Davis) classes portfolios:   by Rahul Singh – Tuesday, 6 September 2011, 01:44 PM   by Diego Romero – Tuesday, 6 September 2011, 01:16 AM   by Philipp Saemann – Sunday, 4 September 2011, 03:39 PM   by Michel Reichardt – Sunday, 4 September 2011, 03:36 PM […]

American Academy of Advertising September 2011 Newsletter

I am pleased to share the September 2011 Newsletter of the American Academy of Advertising. In this issue: – Featured Teaching Column by Esther Thorson (Missouri School of Journalism) – Featured Research Column by Hairong Li (Michigan State University) – The President’s Column by Herb Rotfeld – Special Column by new editor, Anca Micu – […]


DO CONSUMERS TRUST MOBILE SERVICE ADVERTISING? Robert Davis, Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand   Laszlo Sajtos, University of Auckland, New Zealand   Ahsan Ali Chaudhri, Southern Cross University, Australia   ABSTRACT The mobile service channel has rapidly become an important way in which consumers ubiquitously communicate, encounter services and exchange information. […]