The Importance of Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Branding

The final chapters in Social Media Branding focus on Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Branding. There is no use have a brand unless it is not effective.

We talk about the important of channels of interaction engagement through two models. We extend the branding model to include interactivity across channels of interaction. To do this we discuss two models. The first highlights the importantce of media channel integration or the LOOP model . This model places emphasis on how channels work together to optimise brand interactivity with customers. The second model focuses on brand-related interactivity between customers across channels and social media. This model is called CIM (Collective Interactivity Model). The primary intention of the CIM is to define the horizontal interactions across social media customers.

The practical model we use is called the LOOP. Using real data from the server that is created automatically when customer interact. We count the audience response.


If you are having problems with Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Branding – contact me (Robert Davis) and I would be glad to development and implement a comprehensive process of learning with you and your organisation.

There are also a number of approaches to help Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Branding. The recent article by Chuck Price [November 24, 2013] called “Social Media ROI: 11 FREE Tools for Measuring Social Media Success” provides some practical tools from:

  1. HootSuite
  2. SocialMention
  3. Klout
  4. Facebook Insights
  5. Twitter Analytics
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Custom Social Media Reports
  8. Bitly
  9. Buffer
  10. TweetReach
  11. Keyhole

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