Keller Center Research Report: December 2013 (Vol. 6, Iss. 4) – Actionable insights for the real estate industry.

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A journal of academic research with actionable insights for the real estate industry: December 2013 (Vol. 6, Iss. 4):

  1. Forgiveness in the Context of the Realtor-Client Relationship: Jo-Ann Tsang, PhD
  2. What Factors Lock Clients Into Relationships? Mary P. Harrison, PhD and Sharon E. Beatty, PhD
  3.  The Quest for Community: Larry Lyon, PhD and Robyn Driskell, PhD
  4. Designing a Strategic Service Blueprint: Ioannis (Giannis) Kostopoulos, PhD
  5. Managing Quotas to Improve Customer Relationships and Sales Performance: Charles H. Schwepker, Jr., PhD, David J. Good, PhD, and Brooke N. Buerky, MBA Student
  6. INSIDER: Natasha Ashton, MBA Candidate and Clint Justice, MBA Candidate

For more information about our journal, please contact Keller Center:



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