eBook on Social Media Branding on Amazon, Lulu, Smashwords: by Robert Davis and Inna Piven

GET THE BOOK: How to buy Social Media Branding?

  1. Lulu – ePub Version.
  2. Here is Lulu address to purchase the PDF
  3. Here is the Amazon Kindle Edition
  4. Smashwords here.
  5. iBookstore here (pending).

BOOK COVER - 11 Dec 2013 - JPG

Social Media Branding is a manifesto for the brand and social business revolution. Robert Davis and Inna Piven revolutionize the small-businesses approach to social business and customer engagement. Social Media Branding is based on hundreds of practical strategies for the small business to create and grow customer engagement in their business. The philosophy of Social Media Branding is based on Five Sources of customer value. These Five Sources help small-businesses easily learn about how to convert customer engagement into market share and profitability. Social Media Branding also gives you access to a helpful website where you can get ongoing support for your revolution. So! Be part of the social business manifesto. Revolutionize the social media brand!

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