It comes with no surprise that many of us consider LinkedIn a main source for professional networking and job seeking. Not only do we invest a considerable amount of time in self–branding on LinkedIn, building attractive profiles, searching for the right people and companies to connect with and writing an employer-friendly CV, recruitment agencies also believe that LinkedIn simplifies their tasks in searching for the right candidates.

Recently I have been involved in a project which researched the question if job seekers actively use social media to stay connected to recruitment agencies? If so, what do they look for and what implications might it have? Results from a focus group with job seekers were clear and expected: social media is a reliable instrument for recruitment purposes. However, the idea of “staying in touch” with recruitment agencies seems more appropriate for Facebook rather than LinkedIn. For example, the majority of the project participants pointed out that:

1) They expect recruitment agencies to be on Facebook;

2) They would prefer to receive regular updates via Facebook (lob vacancies, etc.)

As one participant said “…there is no need to redirect me on (recruitment agency) website, I’m already here (on Facebook), on your business page.”

3) They don’t mind if the recruitment agency checks their personal FB profile;

4) They expect regular communications with recruitment agents on FB as well as with other job seekers;

5) They would like to see success stories and share their own.

Obviously, social media poses a challenge on the existing order of things in the recruitment industry and HR sector. It’s about time Facebook brought into recruitment strategies.

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