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As some of you may have known; in 2014 I have decided to focus more on the writing of books on branding and on my consulting and research business, drrobertdavis.com. While my academic work is really important to me and my passion (and I continue with my international academic service and research) I moved on from my position of 5 years where I was Associate Professor and Head of Department (2009 to 2011). It is time to move on and focus on new opportunities. drrobertdavis.com is part of that as I am equally passionate about my clients. It is now time to leverage the 20 years of senior management experience and over 14 years consulting.

The core of the last 20 years of my career has been innovation and developing and implementing high quality complex services to thousands of satisfied customers and stakeholder. Many of whom have been involved in their co-creation. I think of the many strategic initiatives I have developed and long term stakeholder and business relationships that have been developed. A strong focus on the local and international stage; building reputation through performance. Lots of collaboration to achieve value creation.

So, please get in contact. drrobertdavis@drrobertdavis.com

My Profile is….

Robert Davis (PhD) is a Fellow of the United Kingdom Chartered Institute of Marketing recognising his strong practical experience with international certification. He has a PhD from the University of Auckland Business School and is an international leader in marketing, enterprise strategy and digital markets. Roberts PhD was the first internationally on online retail in 1997. Robert is the only author world-wide to have written a book on Social Media Branding for Small Business, to be published by Business Expert Press in 2014. Apart from his list of engaged clients, his work is also widely acclaimed at premier international peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

Key points:

  • 20 years senior management experience with proven leadership and performance.
  • Capable and ready to develop and lead strategy.
  • A strong focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, business strategy and implementation.
  • Developing stakeholder engagement, commitment and sustainable value.
  • 14 years consulting experience.
  • Innovative, motivating, performance oriented, consultative, strategic, decisive.


I deliver a portfolio of services that builds on the core capabilities of research, benchmarking, modelling and strategy development to co-create with companies the best way forward. The process is based on respect and the understanding that every business owner or leader has a big picture view of what they desire from the business performance. I become immersed in that big picture and the implications for the market and the journey of a customer and other stakeholders. I use a number of lenses, recording methods along with hard data to view the journey from the customers’, businesses and stakeholders perspective.

I listen, look and assimilate into logic. That logic is then used to bring the big picture into focus with what’s going on close up. Of course there is always some dysfunction and there are always quick runs. The gold is in the insights and long game opportunities: with these we look to create new models. These models are documented and if taken to the next step are put into a lab environment which is either open or closed – in the business or outside the business. Insights, models and ideas are formulated, tested and then rolled out as appropriate, or killed, or put on the shelf for the right timing.

I am a people person who loves to set the vision, mentor and lead. I am not afraid to take responsibility for the future. I believe in setting an example. Ethics and integrity are central to my thoughts and actions. I am highly motivated, focused and hands-on. My standards are high for both myself and my team. I believe that to reach the sky the team needs to be motivated as well as supported through effective leadership and capability development.


  • Strategy development and implementation: seeking and understanding the logic of stakeholder, market, organisational, social, industry and technology-led strategy.
  • Relationship management and marketing: establishing strong business relationships within the company, with clients and other stakeholders.
  • Functional business management capability: development and implementation of functional business strategies.
  • The strategic role of technology in value creation: the importance of technologies such as online (web), social media, mobile and computer games as well as the physical space to interactivity, customer experience and the branding.
  • Creating and delivering a sustainable platform of performance: understanding, communicating and developing strategy to achieve financial and non-financial performance targets.
  • Leadership, people and change management: to identity the future position and as a leader, motivate the team to create a sustainable momentum towards the change in value creation.
  • Communication and collaboration: culture that thrives on sharing and openness.
  • Project leadership and management: understanding and acting on the important role of the project-based company to deliver on the business case and value proposition.


  • Customer Brand Relationship: Development of a customer-based model of brand engagement in across consumer, business and stakeholder markets.
  • Customer-Led Engagement Model: Development of customer-led model of engagement with an initial scoping study and strategy followed by a market wide analysis implementation of customer-Led Engagement.
  • Sponsorship Effectiveness (New Zealand/International Paralympics Committee): Understanding and measuring the effectiveness of current and future sponsorship strategies.
  • Innovation Model: Thought leadership and strategy for NZ-based innovation model.
  • Social Media Branding: Development of a customer-based model of brand engagement.
  • Innovation (Fisher and Paykel Healthcare): Development of innovation model.
  • Fan Behaviour: Developing a model of All Black fan behaviour with positive and negative consequences. Implications for both marketing and social policy strategies.
  • Online Service Delivery (ARPASS): Development and implementation of two branded online services that leverage multiple channels of communication to enact regional change in the level of the customer physical activity: called ‘Come On. Get Up!’ and ‘PlayDay’.
  • Customer Loyalty and Innovation (Air New Zealand): Developing idea and business case models to drive customer loyalty and revenue.
  • Consumer Experience and Technologies (e.g., web, Smartphone, Social Media etc.): Developing strategy within the health sector focused on the changing customer behaviour experience through the use of new technologies.
  • Consumer Experience Online: Measuring and modelling the effects and implications for online service development of various aspects of consumer behaviour.
  • Service Culture Value: Modelling employee and customers’ perception of service culture of the implications for strategy.
  • Consumer Experience and Computer Games: Measuring and modelling consumer motivation to computer games.
  • Consumer Interactivity Online: Measuring and modelling customer experience when interacting with multiple channels of online and offline interactivity.
  • Online Consumer Authenticity: Focus on Trade Me the development through questionnaire research and advanced statistical analysis a model of how buyers and sellers perceive authenticity. Development managerial implications.
  • Entrepreneurship in Tonga and Vanuatu (AusAID): Measuring country level entrepreneurial activity to effect governmental policy and AusAID funding strategies.
  • Interactive Strategy (Go Holidays): B2C eCommerce website strategy evaluation.
  • Brand Strategy Development (NZ Health IT Cluster): Brand strategy development.
  • Marketing Strategy Development (Air New Zealand and Look Before You Book): B2B/B2C strategy evaluation and development.
  • Marketing Strategy Development (Air New Zealand and Zivo NZ): B2C strategy development.
  • Interactive Strategy Development (Tuanz) – B2B/B2C for industry organisation.
  • Business Strategy Development and Implementation (Phoenix Research): B2B business development strategy/execution including event development and implementation.
  • Tourism Strategy Development (Crocombe and Co): B2B/B2C Interactive strategy in tourism.
  • Industry Analysis (Price Waterhouse): B2B/B2C Industry analysis for NDA.
  • Strategy and Implementation (Crocombe and Co): B2B IT strategy and implementation.
  • Project Management (British Gas): B2B/Internal Project support for Kazakhstan Gas Project.


In the strategy development process I am able to practically prepare, manage and implement the following modelling approaches that help build understanding of the sources of value creation and underlying logic.


  • Frequencies and percentages.
  • Actual (Server Data) Behavioural Data Analysis.
  • Survey Research (on and offline).
  • Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modelling.
  • Other statistical data analysis methods (e.g., regression, correlations etc).


  • Case Study Research.
  • Focus Groups.
  • Interview (One on One)
  • Grounded Theory and Thematic Analysis.
  • Analysis Using Leximancer Software and Nvivo Software.


1991–Current Founder and Consultant (Consulting and Research), drrobertdavis.com.
2009–2014 Business Unit Head/Assoc. Prof: Management and Marketing, Unitec.
2007–2009 Senior Lecturer, Manukau Institute of Technology.
1996–2006 Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland Business School.
2001–2002 Visiting Professor (Asia).
1994–1995 Marketing Manager, IBM New Zealand, IBM Global Network (Web/Internet).


2000 PhD (Marketing), University of Auckland Business School, University of Auckland.
1993 Master of Philosophy (Hons.) in Marketing/International Business, University of Auckland.
1989 Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons.), Lincoln University, Canterbury.


  • Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing (United Kingdom).
  • Member of American Academy of Advertising (USA).
  • Member of Academy of Marketing Science (USA).
  • Expert Contributor for the Keller Centre, Baylor University (USA).
  • Member of Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy (Australasia).
  • Todd Foundation Award for Excellence (1997 – 2000) (NZ).


  • “Thank you for all your help, guidance and support. I could not have done it otherwise.”
  • “I would like to thank you for the experience shared along the way. Very enriching.”
  • “I have learnt a lot in terms of working constructively within teams that I can take forward.”
  • “I have never met a person like you; Thanks for every guidance and help.”
  • “He has a wired brain with zillions of thoughts passing every second…I learn a lot”
  • “He has his own way of analysing brands and makes them understand in simpler way. This has changed the way I look towards brands. Thank You for your 24/7 support and motivation.”
  • “I would like to thank you for this. Indeed you made me discover this passion and truly made me discover what I wanted to do in my professional life. I hope you will take pride in my professional success because I am surely giving you credit for it.”

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