Mauri Tuu, Mauri Ora!! (Stand strong, Stand alive): New Research Paper on All Black Fan Behavior: Conceptualizing Excessive Fan Consumption Behavior by Robert Davis and Lee Phillip McGinnis (2015 forthcoming)

Conceptualizing Excessive Fan Consumption Behavior by Robert Davis and Lee Phillip McGinnis

This paper was born out of the collaboration between Associate Professor Robert Davis and Associate Professor Lee Phillip McGinnis. This research is a first: unique because it will be the first internationally published paper in business to begin with a Karakia (prayer) and Wero (challenge) to bless the paper in its journey. We are guided by the Maori Cultural Advisor, Mihaere Emery, from Ngati-Awa (Te Teko), Tuhoe, Tainui and Ngati-Raukawa. The aim of the paper is to be the first to develop a conceptual model based on All Black fans and to generate debate and discussion on the consumption of rugby and the brand biography of the All Blacks. The publication of the work is timely given the impending World Cup Rugby Final 2015 between the All Black and the Wallabies.

Forthcoming in the Journal of Retail and Consumer Services

Robert Davis: – Associate Professor and Consultant, Ubelab, Auckland, New Zealand.

Lee Phillip McGinnis: – Associate Professor of Marketing, Stonehill College, 101B Stanger Building, 320 Washington Street, Easton, MA 0235702357, USA


This research develops a theoretical model that provides new insight into excessive consumption and identification based on the consumption of rugby and brand biography of the All Blacks. This paper is grounded in Maori protocols and the spiritual relationship between the All Blacks, New Zealand and Maori. The conceptual model development process is based on the grounded theory approach and analysis of interview evidence from 15 fans in New Zealand. The model posits that the cultural sources of excessive identification or importance in consumption relate to country factors. In terms of response, excessive fan identification has two major outcomes at the individual level, one positive and the other negative. From a negative standpoint, excessive behavior leads to deviant behaviors, such as violence, misplaced priorities, psychological flow and rationalization. From a positive standpoint, however, excessive identification leads to more benign consumption in the form of cultural and social capital and communitas. Future research implications are discussed.

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