Professor Robert Davis – Google Scholar Citations at 7 April 2017

Google Scholar Citations: Professor Robert A. Davis and AIS New Zealand

Citation indices

All Since 2012
Citations 1084 612
h-index 14 14
i10-index 16 15
Title Cited by Year
A comparison of online and offline consumer brand loyalty

PJ Danaher, IW Wilson, RA Davis

Marketing Science 22 (4), 461-476

302 2003
Conceptualizing and measuring the optimal experience of the eLearning environment

R Davis, D Wong

Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education 5 (1), 97-126

166 2007
Retail service branding in electronic-commerce environments

R Davis, M Buchanan-Oliver, RJ Brodie

Journal of Service Research 3 (2), 178-186

154 2000
Pluralism in contemporary marketing practices

A Lindgreen, R Davis, RJ Brodie, M Buchanan-Oliver

International Journal of Bank Marketing 18 (6), 294-308

99 2000
Relationship marketing in electronic commerce environments

R Davis, M Buchanan-Oliver, R Brodie

Journal of Information Technology 14 (4), 319-331

79 1999
Measuring consumer interactivity in response to campaigns coupling mobile and television media

R Davis, L Sajtos

Journal of advertising Research 48 (3), 375-391

42 2008
Understanding the interactivity between television and mobile commerce

R Davis, D Yung

Communications of the ACM 48 (7), 103-105

35 2005
Conceptualizing the brand in social media community: The five sources model

R Davis, I Piven, M Breazeale

Journal of retailing and consumer services 21 (4), 468-481

34 2014
Modeling utilitarian-hedonic dual mediation (UHDM) in the purchase and use of games

R Davis, B Lang, N Gautam

Internet Research 23 (2), 229-256

24 2013
Do consumers trust mobile service advertising?

R Davis, L Sajtos, AA Chaudhri

Contemporary Management Research 7 (4), 245

22 2011
Conceptualising fun in mobile commerce environments

R Davis

International Journal of Mobile Communications 8 (1), 21-40

22 2009

R Davis, L Sajtos

International Journal of Mobile Marketing 4 (1)

19 2009
How gender affects the relationship between hedonic shopping motivation and purchase intentions?

R Davis, B Lang, J San Diego

Journal of Consumer Behaviour 13 (1), 18-30

17 2014
Marketing relationships in a computer-mediated environment

R Davis, M Buchanan-Oliver

Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ) 7 (1), 89-101

17 1999
Modeling game usage, purchase behavior and ease of use

R Davis, B Lang

Entertainment Computing 3 (2), 27-36

14 2012
Modeling the effect of self-efficacy on game usage and purchase behavior

R Davis, B Lang

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 19 (1), 67-77

12 2012
Does game self-congruity increase usage and purchase?

R Davis, B Lang

Young Consumers 14 (1), 52-66

4 2013
Conceptualising the brand relationship in social media consumption

I Piven, R Davis, M Lim


3 2012
Do consumers experience a reversal state when encountering mobile commerce services

R Davis

3 2009
Conceptualizing excessive fan consumption behavior

R Davis, LP McGinnis

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 28, 252-262

2 2016
Social media branding for small business: The 5–sources model

R Davis

Business Expert Press

2 2014
A Comparison of Online and Offline Gender and Goal-Directed Shopping Online

R Davis, B Lang

2 2013

R Davis, AA Chaudhri

International Journal of Mobile Marketing 7 (2)

2 2012
Conceptualising service culture

R Davis, N Gautam

Leading Applied Business

2 2011
Conceptualising brand consumption in social media community

R Davis, I Piven, M Breazeale

Proceedings of the European Conference on Social Media, 128-135

1 2014
Legislation as a tool for reform: The case of New Zealand

R Davis

1 2013
Does gender mediate online shopping attitudes and purchase intentions?

R Davis, B Lang


1 2012
Exploring entrepreneurship policy in a pacific context: the case of Tonga

M Solomona, R Davis

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business 16 (2), 131-146

1 2012
Exploring service industry culture transformation as a consequence of legislative change: The case of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

R Davis, M Crotty, R Hawkins

Doing more with less: Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand …

1 2010
Strategic Dualities of Control: The Case of an Interactive E-Commerce Business Network

M Buchanan-Oliver, R Davis


1 1999
New Zealand Underdogs: Giving All a” Fair Go”

LP McGinnis, RA Davis, JW Gentry, T Gao, S Jun


Modeling game usage, purchase and perceived complexity

R Davis

Association for Computing Machinery, Inc

The loop model: modeling consumer interactivity in campaigns coupling simultaneous media

R Davis

American Academy of Advertising

Modeling Consumer Interactivity in Campaigns Coupling Simultaneous Media

R Davis

Conceptualising self concept, self efficacy and perceived enjoyment in the consumption of games

N Gautam, R Davis, B Lang


Exploring entrepreneurship in developing countries: The case of Vanuatu

R Davis, T Tiseli, M Solomona

Doing more with less: Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand …

Exploring entrepreneurship in Tonga: Factors that constrain and promote entrepreneurial activity

M Solomona, R Davis, M Talakai

Department of Management, College of Business and Economics, University of …

“Got any piggy sound effects? Always amusing. Oink Moo Quak” Exploring Consumer Interactivity in Response to Campaigns Coupling Ubiquitous Media

R Davis, T Tiseli

Doing more with less: Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand …

Marketing Relationships in Electronic Commerce Environments Conceptual Foundations

RA Davis

PhD Thesis-University of Auckland

Measuring Consumer Interactivity in Response to Campaigns Coupiing iVIobiie and Teievision Media


Measuring the Effectiveness of the Mobile Channel Robert Davis and Laszlo Sajtos, University of Auckland

R Davis

Looking into the Future of Health-Care Services: Can Life-Like Agents Change the Future of Health-Care Services?

MS Torkestani, A Sarrafzadeh, R Davis

Conceptualising Service Dominant Logic in Not for Profit Marketing

M Lim, R Davis

Relationships between Consumers and Brands in Video Games

N Gautam, R Davis

Exploring Entrepreneurship in Tonga: Factors that Constrain and Promote Entrepreneurial Activity

R Davis, M Solomona


R Davis, M Buchanan-Oliver, R Brodie


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