Current Research June 2018

As at June 2018, Current Research focused on a global shift in thinking and practice in business:

  1. Conceptualising and Measuring Authentic Leadership with Dr Suze Wilson and Mohammad Saleh Torkestani. Data collected is based on the leadership of the 2017 New Zealand General Election (5002 voter responses collected and in analysis) and 2016 United States Presidential Election (5000 voter responses to be collected July).
  2. Conceptualsing the effect of Blockchain on Organisations and Markets with Lisa (Wenqi) Lu. Literature-based proposition development followed by grounded theory exploratory interviews with implentors of blockchain projects.
  3. Conceptualising the Paradox of Ambidexterity-Based Innovation in Product Organisation (Grounded Theory with Alexei Tretiakov. Exploratory conceptual model development based upon 40 interviews with Fisher and Paykel Healthcare executives, project managers and engineers.

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