Ten things you didn’t know about Robert Davis


As a strategic, innovative and experienced senior leader, with over 20 years’ leading marketing, brand and consumer-engagement initiatives and contributing to best-practice research within digital and offline strategy, it is with great interest that I apply for the role of Marketing Manager. I am confident that my experience in senior and consultancy roles for local and international organisations is a strong match with the role that you have advertised.

Having worked in consultancy roles for nearly 10 years, alongside senior leadership positions, I have had the opportunity to contribute to projects across commercial, public sector, not for profit and education industries. This has included developing an innovative brand and customer-engagement strategy for Waitemata PHO, developing new models for corporate innovation within F&P Healthcare and designing the entire social media strategy for Rotary in relation to the New Zealand Motorcycle Show. Perhaps my most significant project was leading the $600K entrepreneurial research and strategy development initiative for AusAID, leading multi-site teams, presenting to government, and managing the budget and data analysis to support funding bids for innovation in Tonga and Vanuatu.

All of these initiatives have required influencing Boards, executive teams, CEOs and other key stakeholders, and I have been able to bring together divergent groups of people to achieve common goals. This includes leading multi-site and multi-cultural teams, in often complex environments, leveraging talent and utilising networks to ensure the best resources possible on all project delivery.

Alongside these consultancy roles I have held roles as the Academic Head of Business for Auckland Institute of Studies, Associate Professor with Unitec, also Senior Lecturer of Marketing with Manukau Institute of Technology. Within these roles I led teams of +25, managed budgets in excess of $1M, and developed service offerings that increased sales and improved customer engagement. I transformed a department at Unitec, growing the team from 15 to more than 25 and embedding a culture of high productivity and performance that increased surplus by over 50%.

My earlier career includes academic work in Thailand, in addition to a Marketing Manager role with IBM New Zealand. I have a PhD in Digital Strategy and Communication and am the author of Social Media Branding For Small Business (2014), in addition to a number of research publications. As a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), and with a number of other professional memberships, I regularly contribute to the wider industry, presenting at events, working as a member of advisory groups, and developing programmes within education.

Now seeking a permanent senior role within an innovative and dynamic organisation, I am very interested in the position that you have advertised. In return, I bring extensive general management experience, expertise in marketing strategy and research, plus a wide network across industry.

  1. In 1995, Robert was a marketing manager at IBM New Zealand focusing on their digital service strategy and solutions for SME and corporate clients. This including business development and sales. Arguably the first digital marketing role in New Zealand.
  2. Robert has over 20 years senior management, innovation and service delivery experience. This experience has achieved high levels of performance across all aspects of management in complex service environments.
  3. In 1999, completed the first PhD on Online Retail, based on Countdown Online (then Woolworth’s Online), focused on understanding their practice-based approach to online marketing strategy.
  4. In 2006, developed and implemented one of the first integrated multi-channel campaigns (Mobile, Web, TV, Offline Media) called CMONGT^. A campaign successfully targeted to secondary schools and teenagers and their health and well-being outcomes. Here is the evaluation report.
  5. In 2007/8 completed with his team the first analytics insight model based on real-time US baseball and NZ television data to measure the effectiveness of Mobile to other channel (e.g., TV) campaigns. The model is called The LOOP.
  6. Has led the strategic and line management business growth and development in complex service environments with budgets of $10 million, achieving business surpluses of over 50% on a consistent basis. Overall sales in 3 years rose 560%.
  7. In 2010 with team, developed and completed the first interactive event and campaign leading the Auckland Supercity Debate. A 360 Connect – Media Coverage Analysis & Tracking Progress Report showed a free media return values at nearly $600K.
  8. In 2016 with Lee McGinnis , researched and published globally the first paper on All Black Fan Behavior.
  9. Is the only digital strategist to have researched and published globally in peer-reviewed journals, practice-based papers on digital product (2003), service (2000) and social media branding (2014). This work included the first book globally published in the USA on the Social Media Brand. Leading digital branding practice and thinking.
  10. Since, 1996, has 22 years experience successfully managing, mentoring and developing thousands of New Zealand and global learners across university, polytechnic and private service contexts.

Did you know Robert was changing his career in 2018? Robert wants to gather up all this practice-based experience and transferable skills. To move back into a senior management or an executive role focusing on management, marketing, digital and innovation.

drradavis@gmail.com and 02108192090

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