A success story for the Bachelor of Business at Unitec

Another success story for the Bachelor of Business in the Dept of Management & Marketing at Unitec.  Beth with her approval allowed me to share this with you. Thanks Beth and Good Luck!

Greg Wilson

“>>> “Beth…” 10/19/10 11:24 AM >>>

Dear Lecturers/Facilitators

I have some exciting news (if you haven?t already heard me shouting and jumping around!)  I have been accepted by UADE University in Beunos Aires for a student exchange in Semester 1 of 2011. My reason for writing this email ? besides to share the great news ? is to thank you all personally. Whether you realise it or not ? you have each been an inspiration.  From struggling through Accounting papers to getting my head around Management and Business papers, Information Systems etc?. to thriving on Marketing, Communication, Innovation & Entrepreneurial papers ? you?ve helped get me through.   My first year at UNITEC really has opened doors for me and if you are looking for rewards and satisfaction from your time at UNITEC, I hope I am an example of one ??? There aren?t enough words in the English Dictionary to express what an amazing feeling it is to be embarking on this journey. Please watch this space!  I think I am going to be great??.  There is no better feeling in the world!


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