Propositions on innovation, creativity, enterprise and design: Unitec's new learning adventure for leaders of enterprise and innovation

Peter Mellalieu introduces a new course in February 2012 comprising part of the Unitec Master of Business, MBus.   What is innovation? What do we need innovation? … Is innovation more than inventing an unconventional product, or creating a new service or process? How do innovations get created? … What are the factors associated with […]

And the forecast is: WRONG

The Business Herald in the NZ Herald this morning (Friday 25 Feb 2011) features an edited extract from Dan Gardner’s new book “Future Babble”. In the excerpt Gardner writes mostly about how “we” continue to believe experts’ predictions about the future when they are notoriously, conclusively, consistently wrong. According to Gardner this is because our […]

A success story for the Bachelor of Business at Unitec

Another success story for the Bachelor of Business in the Dept of Management & Marketing at Unitec.  Beth with her approval allowed me to share this with you. Thanks Beth and Good Luck! Greg Wilson “>>> “Beth…” 10/19/10 11:24 AM >>> Dear Lecturers/Facilitators I have some exciting news (if you haven?t already heard me shouting […]

Unitec Forum of the Future: The Supercity Debate Continues – What about the Maori and Pacific Voice?

Unitecs Department of Management and Marketing collaborating with the Department of Performing and Screen Arts continues the debate with the Forum of the Future: The Supercity. October  2010 sees Session 4 and 5. What about the Pacific and Maori Voice in the future of Auckland? The Forum was one of the first to kick of the […]

The Aspiring Leaders Forum (ALF) 2010 Report By Parry Spick-Walker

You may already be aware that our postgraduate student Parry Spick-Walker was fortunate enought to be selected for this annual event, this year held in Wellignton 22/25 July, and that Robert kindly agreed to sponsor his air fare to get there. Here’s his report on the experience. The Aspiring Leaders Forum (ALF) 2010 Report By […]