Staff and Student Success – November 2010

One of the many stories I receive about the staff at the DoMM. Here is some recent comments from one of our students with approval about one of our lecturers and collaborators from industry, Steve Barnett, a lecturer in strategy:

“As we left class after the first night of lessons I distinctly remember
commenting to Clint and Chin that we were in trouble because we were, for
the first time since we have been studying together, going to be expected to
think for ourselves and grow, not just repeat back what we were being taught
from a text book.

Personally I have gained greatly from your teaching, I have been inspired
and I have already achieved success through the confidence and knowledge you
have imparted. (Including a promotion)

Funnily I find myself a little saddened that the course is over and we have
to, to some degree go back to the status quo, I even thought of asking if
you wanted a hand with your “Change” work, but that aside, thank you for
your time, effort and enthusiasm but mostly for teaching me that to lead
doesn’t mean separating myself and being aloof but to make myself even more
a part of the lives of our teams.

Sincere wishes for the future and with hope that our paths cross again.”

November 2010


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