L-e-tter from America: Episode 1: An expedition commences


A video letter from Peter Mellalieu, Department of Management & Marketing

Over the period July-August 2011 I conducted an expedition to the United States of America. The focuss of my expedition was to study regional development approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship development, especially regarding the challenge of ‘greening the business’. Specifically, I explored how regions, cities, and universities are incorporating policies and practices for improving their environmental footprint.

Episode one covers the first leg of the journey, from Rosebank Road business district, Auckland, New Zealand, to Berkeley, California. Future episodes will report on my visits around Boston, Massachusetts, and Miami, Florida.

Technical note

The video was produced at 38 000 feet using iMovie on an iPad.

Aerial shot of Berkeley
Aerial view of Berkeley, California. Image via Wikipedia

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  1. […] (n.d.). . Retrieved June 20, 2011, from http://icie.net/v2/miami.php Mellalieu, P. J. (2011). ‪Letter From America # 1- An expedition commences. Letter from America. Retrieved from […]


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