L-e-tter from America: Episode 1: An expedition commences

  A video letter from Peter Mellalieu, Department of Management & Marketing Over the period July-August 2011 I conducted an expedition to the United States of America. The focuss of my expedition was to study regional development approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship development, especially regarding the challenge of ‘greening the business’. Specifically, I explored how […]

Creating the future through 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship' – BSNS 5391 commencing August 2011

Welcome to ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship‘ (Unitec BSNS 5391). This course introduces you to the systematic processes of innovation management, creativity, new venture creation, and entrepreneurship. These processes are essential for the successful growth and development of a variety of organisational forms including: corporates, small-medium enterprise (SMEs), and start-up ventures. Consequently, this course presumes that the […]

Greening your business with Enterprise GreenWorks™

Change in New Zealand sectoral greenhouse gas emissions 1990 − 2007. Image via Wikipedia Unitec students and staff have embarked on an innovative programme focussed on helping medium and small enterprise owners advance their journey towards ‘greening the business’. Every two weeks from August, business owners from Rosebank Business Association are invited to participate in […]