Cheating in academia is associated with future cheating in 'real life'

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Re-posted by Peter Mellalieu

At Unitec, I follow these practices in my first-year teaching:

  • Provide students with a template ‘scaffold’ that demonstrates good practice in writing a Formal Executive Report
  • Distribute Unitec’s written policy explaining what constitutes academic dishonesty
  • Verbally refer to the policy in class
  • Utilise for all assignment at risk of dishonest practice. (Turnitin is an anti-cheating technology)
  • Refuse to grade assignments until they have been submitted to to Turnitin
  • Provide students with practice uploading a draft assignment to Turnitin, and reporting to them the result from Turnitin
  • Alerting students with high ‘practice’ Turnitin scores that they have a problem. I guide them to sources of advice for correct referencing, citation, quotation, and paraphrasing.
  • Prosecute vigorously those students found to be copying material dishonestly.

This approach appears to have reduced the degree of blatant assignment copying in my class from 6 out of 40 students to 1 out of 40 students in my most recent semester.


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