Learning and Knowledge – The Best Achievement

This week I had a chance to reflect on the success of my team at AIS Business Programmes. I was able to do this through our Student Representation Forum which is run over 25 courses each semester (3 semesters). Essentially the course reps get together with me and one of my staff Dr. Leonie Menzies […]

Reflection on 2013: Thinking and Planning 2014

Reflection on 2013: Thinking and Planning 2014 I like to think about what has been and what is to come. It helps me to give thanks. Give yourself a pat on the back as well as others. The team is important. What is to come? Change! Exciting to be part of the transition from one […]

My Own Reflection on the Digital Enterprise 1st November 2013 at 9.26 am: APMG 8119

As I reflect on what my APMG 8119 Digital Enterprise Master of Business students are saying to me: RIGHT NOW!!! “The important thing to recognise with the Digital Enterprise is that it is always changing and transforming. So, learning must follow. Think about technology 5 years ago. What were you using and obsessed with? Think […]

Collaboration for fast learning in the face of uncertainty (Steve Barnett, 2013) – "The idea of a fully collaborative effort seems unattractive to the public yet that's what's making this AC so spectacular. Collaboration for fast learning in the face of uncertainty."

Steve Barnett commented on leaning and the Americas Cup (Spithill and Barker). Something we can learn from in business and innovation. Steve wrote: “Good on him! I agree, Spithill is a very amiable genuine guy. So is Barker in, in a more reserved way. What interests me is the public desire to find a hero. […]

Propositions on innovation, creativity, enterprise and design: Unitec's new learning adventure for leaders of enterprise and innovation

Peter Mellalieu introduces a new course in February 2012 comprising part of the Unitec Master of Business, MBus.   What is innovation? What do we need innovation? … Is innovation more than inventing an unconventional product, or creating a new service or process? How do innovations get created? … What are the factors associated with […]

Cheating in academia is associated with future cheating in 'real life'

Graphic created by: Online Masters Degree Re-posted by Peter Mellalieu At Unitec, I follow these practices in my first-year teaching: Provide students with a template ‘scaffold’ that demonstrates good practice in writing a Formal Executive Report Distribute Unitec’s written policy explaining what constitutes academic dishonesty Verbally refer to the policy in class Utilise Turnitin.com for […]

Creating the future through 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship' – BSNS 5391 commencing August 2011

Welcome to ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship‘ (Unitec BSNS 5391). This course introduces you to the systematic processes of innovation management, creativity, new venture creation, and entrepreneurship. These processes are essential for the successful growth and development of a variety of organisational forms including: corporates, small-medium enterprise (SMEs), and start-up ventures. Consequently, this course presumes that the […]