Associate Professor Dr Robert Davis Editorial Board Appointment: Internet Research

Associate Professor Dr Robert Davis has been appointed to the Editorial Board of the journal Internet Research.

Robert says that it is a great honor to be appointed to the board for a number of reasons. Internet Research is one of a few high quality journals totally devoted to internet research from a cross-disciplinary perspective.  Also according to Emerald, “Internet Research predates the founding of the World Wide Web: as Electronic Networking: Research, Applications and Policy it published Tim Berners-Lee’s seminal paper on the subject.” The journal has been going since 1991 which about coincides with my work with IBM. It was with IBM under the leadership globally of Lou Gerstner that I caught the ‘internet bug’ and decided to leave IBM to go to do my PhD at the University of Auckland, Department of Marketing under the supervision of Professor Rod Brodie, Professor Margo Buchanan-Oliver and Professor Michael Myers. The PhD was the first in New Zealand on online retail and marketing, based on the case of Woolworths Online (now Countdown). Among other things the work lead to two seminal co-authored papers on online branding:

1. Retail Service Branding: Davis, R., Buchanan–Oliver, M. and Brodie R. J. (2000), “Retail Service Branding in Electronic–Commerce Environments”, Journal of Service Research, 3(2), 178–186.

2. Product Branding Online: Peter J. Danaher, Isaac W. Wilson, Robert A. Davis, (2003), A Comparison of Online and Offline Consumer Brand Loyalty, Marketing Science, 22 (4): 461–476.

According to the journal, “Internet Research…was established in 1991, was the first publication seriously to debate the Internet, and covers the main areas of Internet research: technology, management, design, commerce, and user behaviour and expectation. The journal examines both the technological developments that facilitate these networks and also the social, ethical, economic and political implications of the age of mass information. International and peer-reviewed, it is the main journal to report on cutting-edge internet research. It is aimed at a wide audience comprising academics, communications executives, computer developers, librarians, and governmental officials, and covers a whole range of issues from technical ones such as standards, network design and operation, to managerial, organizational and public responsibility ones. Internet Research is ISI [Thomson Scientific] listed and in 2003, the journal’s total cites were 189 with an impact factor of 0.690.”

According to the current editor Jim Jansen: “The journal has a solid grounding now. The rejection rate is 71%, meaning 29 out every 100 submissions get published, but there is certainly a lot of room for improvement. The current impact factor is 0.844.” According to the Australian Council of Professors and Heads of Information Systems (ACPHIS), Australian Research Council and Australian Business Deans Council (Australian Business Deans Council – Journal Ranking List National Journal Consolidated (Alpha), Internet Research is ranked A.

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