The Media Bites Back – Judith Collins uses the New Media (Well Done)

I was interested to read and hear on National Radio today about John Campbell’s response to Judith Collins for posting here own video response on ACC on You Tube and her own website. Judith decided to do this rather than attend Campbell Live to discuss this report on ACC Privacy. John appeared to be not that happy.

Reports on ACC privacy, governance welcomed.

We were talking about the demise of traditional media; particularly the news in my masters course, APMG 8119 on the Digital Enterprise. This week talking about social change and its implications for the enterprise.

Well done Judith Collins for embracing the new media. Why not? Communicate to the audience and let them decide and or provide feedback to you and society through the same channels. Do we need traditional media to mediate that discussion. I don’t. To me this is an example that shows us how and why traditional media like traditional mass market TV is in demise. Go and ask teenagers what they do. Watch TV? No – not any more. Also; if you want to hear Judiths comments; just go and find them.

Media Watch on National Radio did a since summary of my thoughts exactly. It is great to see decision makers communicating directly with the public. To be honest, not many people these days watch the television and to be honest I am quite tied as a marketer of the ‘marketification’ of news. I define marketification as: The market of something that is not part of a market. Therefore, it should not be marketed.” 🙂

Last thought: the rise of the ubiquitous channels; mobile and radio.

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