Revisiting e/d-business Learning: Business Model Development Around Core Values

  Business Model Development Propose it. Model it. Reflection on the broader implications (e.g., legal). Reflect on self. Core Values Solve the problem or leverage/create the opportunity. Build a strong brand. Application of LOOP (Channels) and 5 Forces Model (Community). Interlocked offline presence.    

My Own Reflection on the Digital Enterprise 1st November 2013 at 9.38 am: APMG 8119

Some one said to me the other day: “we need to find more oil.” Presumably to improve the economic wealth of the nation; jobs, overseas export revenue etc. An alternative more sustainable view is to create more digital enterprises. Here are some examples: Zero Live Orion Health and the new GeoOp The above companies (and […]

My Own Reflection on the Digital Enterprise 1st November 2013 at 9.26 am: APMG 8119

As I reflect on what my APMG 8119 Digital Enterprise Master of Business students are saying to me: RIGHT NOW!!! “The important thing to recognise with the Digital Enterprise is that it is always changing and transforming. So, learning must follow. Think about technology 5 years ago. What were you using and obsessed with? Think […]


The debate for APMG 8119 this year focused on the GCSB Debate. The Bill defines the functions of the  Government Communications Security Bureau. the amendments to the bill created a huge debate. There are significant implications for business, consumers and society. The class was split into two teams of 5 and 6 and they were allocated opposing […]